Sunday, August 17, 2014


I read a post today that said:

"It's not the FUTURE that you're afraid of, it's REPEATING the PAST that makes you Anxious"

I've lived on this earth long enough to know that we all experience LIFE lessons that are specifically for US that's created to help shape us into the individual we are meant to become. Most times we are in a learning session and not realize it for quite sometime later...

The thing about lessons is mistakes, failures, poor choices etc...can either help us become a better individual that STRIVES harder...


it can stunt your growth-intellect whereas you become STAGNANT.

Are you living in the Past or Striving for a BETTER, BRIGHTER FUTURE?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's been a loooooong time since I've posted anything and to be honest a long time since I'd even visited my blog; Sad but true. I initially started the blog as a form of therapy for my Soul to further my Spiritual growth and help me with having a more positive outlook on life in general. What happened is probably what your wondering. I  kind of lost sight of what I was aspiring to accomplish. I listen to Christian radio, read inspirational books, listen to sermons etc...but in the end you can be taught however "YOU" must apply what you've been taught in order to learn.

I received a email last week from a advertiser attempting to sell me some gadget for my blog that would encourage/direct more people to visit my blog, at that point I clicked on the link for my blog (which was included in the email) and instantly felt saddened and a bit disappointed in myself that I'd
 separated from something I created to help keep me encouraged and in the process uplift others. Needless to say, I did not purchase the gadget nor had any intentions but I'm grateful that I received the email that directed back on this path.

I will not be posting daily or weekly however I WILL post periodically. This week, I'm home on a stay-cation however the plan was to be lying down on a beach lounge chair with a book or iPad in hand enjoying the sound of the ocean and seagulls while embracing tranquility :), needless to say, my plan wasn't in line with the "Divine" plan . Circumstances beyond control including not good timing for some  and a illness of a dear friend ;( (no worries, she's going to be fine) Love you Girl :)

Let me go back to what I mentioned earlier about "Applying" what you've been taught. I was in a self defeating, self pity state of mind:( Shameful . I'm so blessed and fortunate enough to honestly say that
most of the time the desires of my heart are granted, not to mention the numerous blessings "GOD" has allowed in my life. I've overcome SO much through the grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father.

When you are feeling Low and sad about a disappointment try to live with perspective. I'm not at the beach but I'm  sitting in MY home at MY kitchen table listening to the sound of the interstate and the sway of the trees blowing in the breeze and in this space I have shelter, peace and tranquility.

What you seek you can have even if it doesn't come as imagined or hoped.

Here's to enjoying my "Stay-Cation" and living my life on purpose!

If you get a chance, visit this great website:

Stay encouraged &

Be blessed!